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A Banister Makeover For Your Home

A banister makeover can be a great way to add some new life to your home. If you have been thinking about making some changes in your home, but are not sure where to start, then this is the place for you! Banisters are one of the most important features of any home and should be taken into consideration when making decisions about how you want your house to look.

There are many things that you can do with a banister makeover. You can change the color of your banister, change the finish and even add accessories like lighting or artwork along the top. There are many options out there when it comes to banisters and it is important that you keep in mind that your banister will be the focal point of your home and should be seen as such. The best way to do this is by choosing a style that is going to fit into your home’s overall design.

First, let's clear up some confusion.

What is the difference between a handrail and a banister?

A handrail is a horizontal bar that runs along the side of stairs or landings. It offers support and assistance when walking up or down stairs. The term "handrail" is often used interchangeably with "banister," but they are not actually the same thing. The main difference between them is that while both function as railings, only one has been designed specifically to provide support to people using the stairs.

A banister is a handrail that runs along the edge of a staircase and is supported by balusters. It supports the weight of people walking up and down the stairs and prevents them from falling over the side. A banister can be made from wood or metal, although wood is more common.

Banister Replacement Ideas

There are so many different styles out there, but we have some suggestions for you:


Modern style banisters can be sleek and minimalist or bold and geometric, but no matter what the style is, modern banisters will be made of wood and metal. These materials really make this feature stand out in any space.


If you want something that looks like it would fit perfectly in an old farmhouse, then rustic is the way to go! Rustic banisters can be made from any number of different woods including pine and oak. They also have natural finishes like distressed white or dark mahogany stains.


Traditional and classic banisters have been around for centuries! They usually consist of iron balusters with a wooden handrail that connects them all together, also can be done vice versa. The classic look works well in almost any home.

Ultimately, changing your banister can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of your house. It is one of those permanent features that you will notice every day and know that you improved your home with a simple renovation. You can revamp your house relatively easily and budget-friendly by changing your banister, which takes less time, money, and effort than a full renovation.


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