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A Short Guide To Tax Deductible Home Improvements

Home Improvement that are tax deductible

It is tax season. Have you thought about “what home improvements are tax deductible”?

If you have made any improvements to your home last year or are considering making them this year, you should know that some of them are tax-deductible.

Typically, tax deductions are not available for home improvements such as painting unless the repairs are done as part of an extensive remodeling or restoration of your home. Our short guide lists some of the most common home renovations that may qualify for deductions.

Let’s Take A Look At Capital Improvements

Capital improvements are any improvements to a home that increase its value. They include additions, major structural changes, and renovations. Here is a short list of home improvements that are tax deductible according to the Internal Revenue Service 523 Publication:

● Additions: Bedroom, bathroom, deck, garage, porch, and patio.

● Lawn & Grounds: landscaping, driveway, walkway, fence, retaining wall, swimming pool

● Exterior: storm windows/doors, new roof, new siding, satellite dish.

● Insulation: attic, walls, floors, pipes, and ductwork.

● Interior: built-in appliances, kitchen modernization, flooring, wall-to-wall carpeting, fireplace

● Plumbing: septic system, water heater, soft water system, filtration system.

● Systems: heating system, central air conditioning, furnace, duct work, central humidifier, central vacuum, air/water filtration systems, wiring, security system, lawn sprinkler system.

Skylight on residential home improvement

Let’s Take A Look At Energy Efficient Improvements

Intuit shares the details on the energy-efficient home improvement credit that you can consider when doing your taxes.

Here is a short list that qualifies for the tax credit


Exterior windows

Exterior doors

Home energy audits

Oil and water heaters

Central air conditioner

Home energy audits

Electrical panels and related equipment

Let’s Take A Look At Improvements Related to Medical Care

In most cases, remodeling a home to accommodate a medical condition, can be considered when looking for tax deduction. These improvements include, but aren't limited to, the following items:

● Building an entrance or exit ramp for your home.

● Enlarging doorways at entrances or exits to your home.

● Widening or otherwise modifying hallways and interior doorways.

● Modifying a bathroom by adding railings, support bars, or other safety devices.

● Lowering or modifying kitchen counters and appliances.

● Installing porch lifts and other forms of lifts

To see the list of IRS home improvement tax deductions, visit their website.

Colorado Painting Professionals J&J Painting

The article is not intended to replace the advice of a tax professional, but it should help you better understand what home renovation you may use as deductions that can potentially help save money. This short guide should offer you enough information to take a look at your tax situation and determine whether or not you can deduct some of your home improvements from this year’s tax return.

Listed above are reliable sources to help you determine how to possibly reduce your tax bill. When you are ready to upgrade the paint for the interior and exterior of your home, we hope you remember Colorado’s reliable paint professionals, J & J Painting. We wish you a headache-free tax season.


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