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From Hues to Home: Color Trends of 2024 and Planning Your Project

Color Trends of 2024 with J&J Painting

As we bid farewell to 2023 and embrace the possibilities of 2024, it's the perfect time to think about color hues to enhance your living spaces. Your home is a canvas waiting to be painted with memories, and what better way to start than by planning your painting projects for the year ahead?

At J&J Painting we're not just sharing the importance of planning your home painting projects but also offering a sneak peek into the color trends of 2024 that can breathe new life into your living spaces.

What is the Color for 2024?

As we prepare for the New Year, color experts have unveiled their predictions, and we're here to guide you through the hues that will dominate the interior design landscape.

Sherwin Williams Paint Color Trends for 2024
Credit: Sherwin Williams

Upward by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams has chosen "Upward" as the color of the year for 2024 – a breezy blue that can bring peacefulness to any space. According to Sue Wadden, the color director, it captures “the carefree, sunny day energy that elicits a notion of contentment and peace”. Whether for walls, ceilings, or accent features like wainscoting and trim, Sherwin Williams Upward is versatile and soothing.

Behr Paint Color trends for 2024
Credit: Behr

Cracked Pepper by Behr

Behr Paint Company introduces "Cracked Pepper," a color almost like charcoal black, as their trendsetting shade for 2024. Jodi Allen, the global chief marketing officer at Behr, describes this soft black as evoking a “sense of confidence and individuality”. Perfect for creating a bold statement, Cracked Pepper is ideal for those looking to make a lasting impression.

Persimmon Paint Color trend of 2024
Credit: HGTV Sherwin Williams

Persimmon by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams

For a vibrant yet balanced choice, consider "Persimmon." This color, as recommended by Sherwin-Williams color marketing manager, Ashley Banbury says, this color “balances the energy of tangerine with grounded neutral undertones”. It's an excellent choice for spaces like living rooms and kitchens, promoting positive relationships and conversations. Welcome warmth and style into your home with this captivating hue.

Hire paint professional J&J Painting
Credit: Valspar

Renew Blue by Valspar:

Sue Kim, the director of color marketing at Valspar, suggests that blue is the new neutral for today's homes. Renew Blue is a “classic shade that can be mixed and matched to fit a variety of design styles and applications”. This calming blue sets a restful and meditative mood in any room, making it a timeless choice for your home.

Why Planning is Paramount: A Roadmap for Success

Now that we've explored the exciting world of paint color trends for 2024, let's dive into why planning your painting projects is a pivotal step towards achieving a successful and stress-free home makeover.

Paint painting project for 2024

1. Scheduling and Availability:

Painting contractors, like any sought-after professionals, have busy schedules. If you're aiming for a specific timeframe, reaching out in advance allows you to secure a slot that aligns with your schedule.

2. Weather Considerations:

For exterior paint projects, weather conditions play a vital role. Planning ahead enables you to choose a time when the weather is favorable, reducing the risk of interruptions due to rain or extreme temperatures.

3. Product and Color Selection:

Choosing the right colors and products is a thoughtful process that requires exploration and testing. Planning in advance provides the time needed to consider trends, test samples, and make informed decisions.

4. Preparation and Repairs:

Thoroughly assessing your walls for repairs or preparations is essential. Planning allows you to address these tasks before the painting begins, ensuring a smoother and more efficient process.

5. Minimizing Disruptions:

Interior paint projects can disrupt your daily routine. Planning ahead lets you schedule the work at a time that minimizes inconvenience, ensuring a smoother process for everyone involved.

6. Coordination with Other Projects:

If your painting project is part of a larger plan, coordination is key. Planning ensures that different tasks are sequenced appropriately, preventing conflicts and delays.

7. Stress Reduction:

Last-minute arrangements can be stressful. Planning provides a buffer, reducing stress and allowing you to approach the project with a clear mind and realistic expectations.

When to Begin Planning

Planning a pint project with J&J Painting

Planning for a summertime project? Consider getting a quote six weeks before the date you need the project completed. The period from March to November is typically the busiest season for painting companies.

Opting for a winter project? You can shorten the time for a quote by getting one two weeks before you need your project completed, as this period is generally less busy.

Why Researching a Painter Ahead of Time Matters

Professional painting company

Beyond planning your project, researching a painter ahead of time is equally important. Here's why:

1. Availability and Scheduling:

Good painters often have busy calendars, so early communication increases the likelihood of securing the dates that work best for you.

2. Detailed Discussions and Planning:

Starting the conversation early provides ample time for detailed discussions about your project. You can discuss your vision, preferences, and any specific requirements. This ensures that both you and the painter have a clear understanding of the scope of work, leading to a more accurate estimate and a smoother execution of the project.

3. Evaluation of the Painter's Portfolio:

Contacting painters in advance allows you to review their portfolios and past work. Examining their previous projects gives you insight into their style, quality of work, and the range of services they offer. This evaluation process is crucial in making an informed decision about whether the painter aligns with your vision and expectations.

4. Budgeting and Planning Finances:

Early communication with painters enables you to discuss the budget for your project. This includes not only the cost of labor and materials but also any additional expenses that might arise. Planning ahead financially ensures that you have a realistic budget in place and allows you to explore financing options if needed.

The Process: From Quote to Brushstroke

Hire paint professional J&J Painting

The journey from planning to execution involves several key steps. Here's a simplified process to guide you:

Contact and Schedule a Bid: Reach out to a painting professional to schedule a bid for your project. Use the timeline we suggest above regarding “when to begin planning”.

Bid Review: Once you receive the bid, this is the time to assess the proposed cost, timeline, and any additional details provided.

Sign the Proposal: If the bid aligns with your expectations, proceed to sign the proposal. This is a commitment to move forward with the project.

Approximate Start Date: After signing, the painting professional will give you an approximate start date for your project.

Confirmation of Start Date: As the project approaches, the painter will contact you with the exact start date, ensuring you are well-prepared for the work to commence.

As you step into the New Year, consider it a fresh canvas awaiting the brushstrokes of transformation. Whether you're drawn to the tranquil blues of "Upward" or the bold statement of "Cracked Pepper," the key is to plan ahead. From selecting colors to choosing the right professionals, a well-thought-out plan ensures that your home makeover is a seamless and rewarding experience.

Keep in mind, that your home extends beyond its walls; it mirrors your personality and holds a treasury of precious memories. So, embrace the journey, plan wisely, and let the colors of 2024 be the backdrop to the next chapter of your home's story. Always remember that J&J Painting is here and ready to transform your home with our professional painting services.  Happy planning!


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