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What People Don't Know About Exterior House Painting

House painted blue in Colorado
House painted by J & J Painting Colorado

Having a beautifully painted house increases the value of your home and can improve the aesthetic charm of your property. Painting is so much more than a simple coat of paint; much more time, expertise, and effort goes into producing a smooth and flawless finish. Most people don't know the importance of the preparation process for painting. This process is important to the longevity of the paint. While exterior house painting isn't rocket science, it does have special considerations that need to be addressed in order to ensure that your investment will stand up to rain, snow, and sun for many years to come.

What is Exterior Painting

Exterior house painting is the process of applying a protective coating to the outside of a building. This protects it from the natural elements such as rain, snow, sun, wind and other weather conditions.

Exterior House Painting Denver Colorado

What time of year is best to paint your home?

The best time to do exterior painting in Colorado falls between April and October.

When having the exterior of your house painted it should be at least 40 degrees outside and the weather should not drop lower than 32 degrees Fahrenheit for the next 5-6 hours.

Paint takes several days to cure, and as the temperature drops too low dew can form on surfaces. The combination of cold temperatures and moisture on the surface can result in stains or mildew.

J&J Painting Our Paint Process

What is the Process of Painting the Exterior of a House?

At J&J Painting, we take pride in our 6-step process for completing each project with lasting results for homeowners and business owners in Colorado.

Step 1: Full Power Wash

The first step in the process of getting your home painted is to do a full power wash. This involves the exterior of your home being washed down with a high-pressure hose. This will remove any dirt, grime and mildew, bee hives, and residue from your siding, windows, and trim.

This is done to help the new coating stick better and last longer. Once this is completed the painting preparations process begins.

Paint process power wash house

Step 2: Scraping & Sanding

The next step in the process of getting your home painted is to remove old, peeling, and blistering paint, by scraping and sanding.

If this step is skipped, the house may appear pretty, but the paint may easily come off if someone touches it or if there is strong wind or rain. When done right, scraping and sanding will help your paint last longer, which will save you money.

Paint process scrape old paint

Step 3. Caulking:

Caulking the exterior before painting is often overlooked, but it plays a vital role in executing a long-lasting paint job.

Caulking is the process of filling cracks and crevices with a flexible sealant that waterproofs the area and keeps water from leaking into the house through windows or doors. Caulking can increase the life of your new paint job by protecting it against moisture damage. It also creates a smooth surface on which to apply the finish coat of paint.

J & J Painting Denver Colorado Exterior House Painting

Step 4: Masking

Masking protects all areas that are not being painted from overspray or paint splatters during the repaint process. It is important to protect any surfaces that you do not want painted, such as woodwork, window frames, and trim. At J & J Painting we mask the concrete, windows, doors, and roofing to avoid unwanted splatters on those surfaces. Depending on the area we will use masking tape, masking film, or masking paper for this process.

Step 5: Priming

Priming bare wood is the next crucial step in any painting project. Primers form a layer of protection between the wood and the paint that keeps the wood from absorbing too much moisture and prevents cracking or peeling. Wood naturally absorbs moisture from the air, especially when it's humid outside. If this happens over time, it can cause wood to expand or contract unevenly and cause cracks in your finished project.

We also prime all weathered / dried surfaces, and if needed will prime all siding and drip edges. This process helps to create an even surface to lay the finish coat of paint.

Repaint House in Denver Colorado J & J Painting

Step 6: Painting

Once all the previous preparation steps are completed, we then start the painting process. At J & J Painting we spray paint the body color with two coats. Then we add the trim color using the brush and roll technique. We do this to make sure it has an even thick finish.

Step 7: The Walkthrough & Cleanup

After we are done painting the outside of the home, our team does a final walkthrough to ensure customer satisfaction. We inspect for any missed spots or areas that need touch ups.

Upon inspection and approval, we remove all masking tape, paper, and film from the property, as well as the debris from the painting process.

Once we have gone through all of these steps, our work is complete!

How long does it take to paint a whole house exterior?

The length of time to paint a house depends on the condition of the home and the size of the home. It can take 1-2 days to paint a house in good condition and 3 days for an old home that needs work. It takes more time to prepare the surface for painting an older or more weathered home.

How often Should I Paint My House Exterior

How often you'll need to repaint your house will depend on the quality of the paint job that was done on your home last time around. If the paint was applied properly and with high-quality materials, then it should hold up well over time—but if not, then you may need to repaint your home sooner than average. In addition to how well the last coat of paint was applied, weather conditions can also affect how long your home's exterior lasts.

The average house will need to be repainted every 5-7 years. Over the last 24 years, J & J Painting has seen most of our customers getting their homes repainted every 9-10 years. We would like to think that our detailed preparation process allows our customers to see long lasting savings and results.

A great paint job doesn't just happen, it is the combination of process, preparation, experience, and professionalism. When considering exterior house painting services, J & J painting will deliver beautiful long-lasting results every single time. Our belief is that by being educated on the process and what we do to preserve your asset, your home, you are able to appreciate the fresh coat of paint with a deeper appreciation for your investment. We’d love to lend our expertise, get your free quote today.


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